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"Schloß E.", 2002.

Dealing with Pückler-Muskau
Installation in the Ettersburg Palace

„Unfortunately, I meet in the first steps myself, and as one knows, every double seeing, from squinting and dizziness to double sight, is always a bit apprehensive, well, mind confusing“.

Hermann Fürst von Pückler - Muskau about J. W. Goethe, in Letters of a deceased (1830-1832)

Ground floor
1 Monitor linked to a surveilance camera shows the path to the ‚Stern’

Second floor Window wall covered with photos showing the unseeable landscape, a movement detector activates soundsystem, that re sounds from outside the building

Third floor 2 Monitors on the pillar carriers, mirror the images behind themselves, sound: a doubling of the current sounds in the staircase.

Naomi Tereza Salmon - "Schloss E." Audio Sequence, .mp3 format

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